IT Problems in Singapore

If your small business is lately facing some or all of the below-mentioned IT problems, then it could be an appropriate time to outsource your IT function to us. Your business may require managed IT support in the following scenarios:

  • There is a need for improved IT reliability as technology downtime is costing you money
  • Your existing technology appears to be creating obstacles for your business rather than helping you
  • Your gut feeling says that you can enjoy a better sleep if your IT network has proper security
  • When there is a need for consistent data backup and recovery of your data
  • You want that your employees should be able to work from remote sites
  • You are focused towards improving your bottom-line
  • You feel that paying for problem prevention will be more efficient as compared to paying for fixing IT problems
  • You wish to see your workforce do the core jobs they were hired for rather than wasting their time to sort out IT problems.

In case you own a small business and desire to transform technology into a real power tool, your business can move in a forward direction rather than just being a problem costing you money and time, we at IT Solution can help!!!
A majority of our customers are into specialized business applications and depend on their software solutions heavily. Our clients represent a variety of industries too.


Why do many small businesses rely on IT Solution and our teams?

1. Our assurance
You will not be afraid of a change while switching to IT outsourcing when you seek our services. We guarantee your unconditional satisfaction. Also, you do not have to pay several times for similar repair works. We try to ensure complete customer satisfaction always.

2. Technology guidance and review
Our expert team will meet you regularly. When there are technology reviews, it means that the owner is in complete control of the IT function of their business as well as there is proper alignment between your business goals and the IT function.

3. Your network is documented by us
There are many businesses that do not even maintain a password list. When you hire our services, you need not even think about the kind of technology you have, its age, or configuration. It is our responsibility to document your technology and network assets meticulously.

4. We complete your IT projects on budget and on time
We precisely know the time duration needed for your projects to complete because we are experienced in this field. We know how to do the planning and scheduling of your projects. Thus, you can be sure of your project completion on time and within budget.

5. We monitor your data backups and recovery process
We will monitor how you are doing your data backups and also offer you a system so that we can test data recovery if needed. Your business data is only meaningful when it can be recovered.
We at IT Solution will manage the technology while you focus on running your business.